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Who We Are

Amber Dawn began her journey as a gardener ten years ago. She earned her masters degree in Sustainable Agriculture at LSU, and started her garden at HollyGrove Market and Farm while still in school. The garden at Hollygrove has evolved from more traditional rows of vegetables to a dynamic perennial space filled with medicinal herbs, flowers, and just a few veggies. Amber also teaches a gardening program full time at an elementary / middle school in New Orleans East. 

Olivia started out as a volunteer at Hollygrove, with an interest in how to grow her own food. After learning to garden from Amber and volunteering on an off for a year or so, their interests really merged and took off on the track of medicinal herbs and incorporating animals into the process of gardening as part of a more holistic approach. 

Together, we make Herb'N'Flower!

What We Do

We garden and we teach other people how to garden. We grow, harvest, process and use mainly medicinal herbs and edible flowers, and also ornamental cut flowers, and some fruits and veggies. We try to grow 10-15 new herbs or flowers every season to see what will grow well in our unique climate. We believe it should be easy to have access to an outdoor space where it's possible to interact with nature in a meaningful way, and we do our best to provide that space, while imparting some gardening and plant medicine knowledge as we all get our hands dirty together! We also sell our herbs, flowers, and seeds to support our teaching garden, as well as provide garden consultations and maintenance for those who are interested in starting their own gardens at home. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to make knowledge about gardening and plant medicine easily accessible to all who are interested in learning. We believe that life is better with herbs and flowers, and that it's a human right to know how to grow plants and incorporate their healing properties into our lives. Part of the magic of plant medicine is being outside and actually working with the plants, seeing what they look like through their whole life cycle, harvesting, and processing, and we hold space for this learning process. We strive to abide by permaculture principles as much as possible, by utilizing chickens and rabbits in our gardening practice, growing diverse perennial plants, and observing our garden spaces to see what works well with their particular biospheres, and what doesn't. Above all, we continue to learn how to work with nature instead of against her in every aspect of our garden, and to reach as many people as we can with the magic of plants! 

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